3D Gingerbread Man Ugly Christmas Sweater by FUN Wear
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3D Gingerbread Man Ugly Christmas Sweater by FUN Wear

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The holiday season is a favorite for many of us for several obvious reasons. It should come as little surprise that it is the favorite of good ole Saint Nicolaus, too, though the rationale is less over than any of us initially expected. Sure, it is the principal time of year for his magic to propagate and give him flight through the world to enact his annual judging of children and distribution of karma through presents. But, Santa Claus has his own rewards for his winterfest activities, too: the cookies. Now, it goes without saying that Mrs. Claus has a knack in the kitchen that few others can reach, but the best cookies cannot be baked. They must be caught.It is the hunt that drives Santa Claus on his merry way. The effort to capture the fleeing Gingerbread Men is likely the only thing keeping the man from ballooning out to unmanageable states. But, with this little bit of knowledge, you can prosper. See, if you have a gingerbread man readily available at your own home, you can be sure to get a sight of the man in red. And, if you’ve got this 3D Gingerbread Man Christmas Sweater, you might even be able to coax the magic man of the year to offer up a few extra gifts. This kit sweater features a Gingerbread Man cookie literally popping out of your shirt. If it wasn’t already festive, the live looks of the fleeing cookie will certainly attract all the attention you want. Just make sure you’ve been on the good list, this year, or it might have some negative fallout. (But, even in that case, you can still barter fairly well with this handy cookie.)

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