80'S Pop Diva Adult Costume by Party King
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80'S Pop Diva Adult Costume by Party King

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ROCK ONSo you want to be a rock star, eh? Well, for starters, you'll need a killer set of chords. We're talking vocals with range that can belt out anything from happy birthday to the latest hit. Creativity would also help. We're not asking you to play fourteen instruments or anything, but you should at least know how to make interesting lyrics. But, if we're being honest, even that won't be enough to get you onto the music scene. You're going to need a killer sense of style to boot. It's not mandatory, of course, but if you want to get noticed, something a bit... out there... could be good. Maybe some high couture fashion? Some recycled materials? Something flashy and sparkly is usually nice. See this way people will want to watch you sing. They won't just be mesmerized by your voice. Heck, no; they'll want to watch you soulfully belt out your songs while lighting up the room in your stellar new outfit.FUN DETAILSSo, what do you think? Maybe something a bit lush? A bit retro? Something like our Adult 80's Pop Diva Costume, perhaps? This stretch knit leotard is gold in color with cone-shaped bra cups and adjustable shoulder straps. There's a zipper up the front and fasteners between the legs. Elastic garters are sewn into the leg openings and the black leggings have an elastic waistband. Top that off with a gold faux leather belt, and you have the makings of a pop culture icon for sure. EXPRESS YOURSELFSee, if you wore something like this, you'll be sure to get noticed. Like up-and-coming, starlet diva kind of noticed. Ooh! Better yet, figure out a good dance routine to go with it! Just don't ask us to help. Last time we danced in heels we ended up on the floor...

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