A League Of Their Own Jimmy Costume For Kids by FUN Costumes
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A League Of Their Own Jimmy Costume For Kids by FUN Costumes

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There's No Crying in CostumesEveryone loves an underdog. And no one needs a heart-warming success story more than your little guy. Every year since kindergarten, Haley Barnett has taken home the trophy for best costume. At this point, your kiddo doesn't want to try. "What's the use?" he asks you over dinner. This year, Haley's costume reportedly lights up, and even involves (school-approved) pyrotechnics. But we think we've got something better...Go retro and put your little one in this A League Of Their Own Jimmy Kids Costume, and we think Haley may just rue the day she decided to opt for style over substance! You see, the secret to a great costume isn't flashy-yet-forgettable party tricks (ahem...are you listening Haley?), it's the perfect mix of nostalgia, humor, quality details, and authenticity. Trust us, we know these things! So, tell your kid to get his head out of the dugout, get suited up, and get into that costume field and give it his all. This licensed look will leave the judges in "awwwww" of his clever choice, and Haley's pyrotechnics will be fast forgotten when he turns at the end of the stage and passionately yells, "There's no crying in baseball!"Fun DetailsYour little team manager will love the details of this classic costume, with its front-buttoning, patch-adorned top and matching knee pants. The adjustable red baseball cap has an embroidered Rockford "R" on the front, and red knee-high socks complete the iconic look. Since we don't advocate getting him chewing tobacco, grab him a big ole' pack of gum to chomp on as he stalks the stage, brooding over whether or not to switch up the batting order. It'll be a hoot!Dramatic Ending When the judges finally announce the results, your kid will feel like he's just slid into home for an end-of-the-game score that earns Rockford the championship. The crowd will roar, Haley will be speechless, and the entire class will pick him up on their shoulders, cheering his name. Sure, it's great to be a favorite, but better to be the underdog who comes out on top in the end, right? And now he's in a league of his own, a hero amongst his entire grade.  

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