Ace Of Clubs Wonderland Costume by FUN Costumes
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Ace Of Clubs Wonderland Costume by FUN Costumes

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ACE OF CLUBS Well well well, if you are looking for an ace of clubs costume, it is your lucky day. We better get you to a casino as soon as possible, you could make some serious dough on a lucky day! Sit down at the blackjack table and go all in on the first hand. The dealer pulls a blackjack first hand? Yikes, that is some incredibly bad luck. Well, maybe try out some poker. You can make your money back playing Texas Hold 'em! $300 later, we now know that poker is not your game...Well, maybe you should just stick to the simpler games, like Cribbage or Go Fish. If you are tired of the cards not going in your favor, then it is time to become the cards themselves! You'll be making your own luck when you put on this ace of clubs costume. FUN DETAILS This costume will greatly help your odds of having an ace in your next hand! It comes in the form of a knee-length white tunic with a zipper on the back. Over that, you'll be wearing the hood that makes your head look like the club symbol! And of course, we included some gloves for your hands so that you will look like all card and no human when you put this on. Not feeling like dressing like the ace today? Not a problem, just swap out the ace decals for the 2 or the three, which we have included in this costume! ROYAL FLUSHSure dressing up as the ace of clubs is great. But you know what is better than one ace? A pair, or two pair, or three of a kind, or a full house, or a straight! The point is, if you grab some friends and dress them up too, you could make this into an awesome group costume. Have fun! 

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