Adult Bill Costume: Bill & Ted'S Excellent Adventure by FUN Costumes
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Adult Bill Costume: Bill & Ted'S Excellent Adventure by FUN Costumes

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A 30-Year CrisisIn 1988, the supreme beings sent Rufus to ensure that the future would maintain its excellence thanks to the inspiring music of the Wyld Stallions. It required a lot of time travel and the making of most excellent friends throughout all time. It resulted in a spectacular essay thanks to a handful of time paradoxes placed throughout the continuum and the aid of amazing historic figures. Finally, we could all sigh a breath of relief as the future was safe!Then, of course, came the bogus journey... but Bill and Ted, once again, were victorious in their play against Death to maintain their lives with their babes, the princesses, bandmates, and future wives! It has been some thirty years. Clearly, all is right in the world now, right!? Unfortunately, there is always a crisis to be dealt with and the council of the supreme beings, once again, need the help of the Wyld Stallions to ensure that the future is secure! Fun DetailsWe know that it is tough being the only chance for a utopian future, but we also know that you've got the stuff to make it happen. Leap into the fun of saving the music, the future, and your rocking air guitar talents with this Bill costume. It is an officially licensed movie replica look from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and was lovingly designed by our in-house team of Wyld Stallion fanatics. You'll have the whole ensemble, including a pair of worn blue slacks (with the iconic question mark), the button-down blue shirt, and the perfectly 80s-style wig. Excellent! Got (Air) Guitar Skills?It's been around 30 years since the Wyld Stallions' lukewarm performance at the concert, but Rufus promised us that you've improved. Get ready to show your stuff when you pull an excellent guitar riff and save the world once again! 

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