Adult Classic Bedtime Care Bears Costume by FUN Costumes
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Adult Classic Bedtime Care Bears Costume by FUN Costumes

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Dream of BedtimeAre you someone who completely appreciates bedtime? We don't know why people fight it. There's this magnificent feeling. You go up the stairs, turn on the bedside lamp, and climb into the warm, clean sheets. You don't know where you'll end up when you go to sleep, and that's the best part. Dreaming is much more amusing than any TV show you could watch; it's just so interactive. If you really luck out, you might ride a rainbow up to Care-a-Lot, too.Bedtime Bear knows how you feel. He's the coziest bear in all of Care-a-Lot, largely since he gets to sleep on clouds and... let's face it... is there anything better than bedtime bear hugs? So, as you can imagine, he's a very cozy bear! Don't get him wrong, though, he's not lazy! Bedtime Bear makes your dreams nightmare-free. So, next time you feel yourself falling into that dream that you're back in front of your whole high school without pants, call out for Bedtime Bear and he'll be ready with the coziest pair that you've ever felt! In fact, we've got an idea to help him out, there. Fun DetailsWhether you're on the hunt for a good nap or you're simply looking for some better dreams, this officially licensed Bedtime Bear costume may be just the trick to get you there! This is a Made by Us design that was dreamed up by our team of in-house designers. It is an electric blue jumpsuit with attached mittens, shoe covers, and a hood that features Bedtime's happy face and fuzzy ears. The belly badge has a blue moon and star, just like the classic eighties design. The back has a tail and Care Bear heart patch. No more nasty nightmares, because Bedtime Bear is here to help! A Dream of FriendsWhat's the best dream a Care Bear can have? Well, it's spending time with more Care Bears. We've got a whole line of character jumpsuits so you can make that dream come true, too! 

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