Adult Classic Good Luck Care Bears Costume by FUN Costumes
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Adult Classic Good Luck Care Bears Costume by FUN Costumes

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Luck Around the WorldThere are many symbols of luck throughout the world, some better recognized than others. Animal totems that grant good will are almost too long to list. Then there are rainbows, lucky pennies, and flying stars... or are they falling... shooting? Phew, there are so many different versions that we might need to consult an expert about there. Maybe there are so many symbols of good luck because of the many reasons to ask for it!For instance, you'll need to ask for luck when you are taking that crazy long test your economics teacher whipped up. Folks tend to wish for good fortune when they know that big raise or promotion is around the corner. (After all, even if you're that perfect worker, you can't predict your you boss's mood before entering the office.) A horseshoe necklace just might be the talisman you need to make sure you aren't knocking on the door at just the wrong time. Or... better yet...Fun DetailsAll these symbols might give you a little more luck but if you want to know the best way of ensuring year-round, circumstance-free, certain good fortune... the answer is right before your eyes! The Care Bears have everything taken care of and Good Luck Bear knows just how to get the lucky mojo going. Become the lucky bear yourself with this officially licensed costume. This suit zips up the back and has an attached hood, so your look will be complete as soon as you put it on! The mittens fold over your hands and the shoe covers secure over your feet with an elastic band. And, of course, you've got your four-leaf clover Belly Badge for good!Luck on the Tummy!You could carry around a four-leaf clover and hope that all goes well... or you could make sure that fortune is on your side (or, more accurately, your belly) with this Good Luck Bear costume. 

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