Adult Dwarf Storybook Costume by FUN Costumes
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Adult Dwarf Storybook Costume by FUN Costumes

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YOU HAVE MY SWORD, MY BOW...... My mining pick!  The adventures never end when you have a strong party.  Move from one story to the next in an endless series and, eventually, you'll be writing your own!  That's the glory of some of these storybook characters.  You might think you recognize one from just one specific tale... perhaps a wise old dwarf, or maybe he's really cranky, or blissful... maybe that's just a cold... but then watch that character grow to something even better!So it came for the dwarven brothers.  So many focused for so long and mining up their gemstones.  But, when an evil threatened to take away the most beautiful, glittering gem in all the world, they bonded together with a human of royal descent and prepared to venture on a quest.  Unfortunately, they would be chased by a hunched over creature, hideous and wicked, obsession turning it even uglier!  Writes itself!FUN DETAILSSo get involved in the story, yourself.  We're happy to help with this Storybook Dwarf Costume.  This particular dwarf features a pair of brown elastic pants, a droopy hate attached to a pair of white furry eyebrows (and a long white beard, thanks to the power of Velcro).  The red shirt has yellow patches over the elbows to show signs of years of honest toiling in the mines.  Finish off the look with a faux leather belt with a golden metal buckle and you can see a real dwarven hero at work!  WE NEED A (DWARVEN) HERONo real hero expects to be going on an adventure to save what he loves when he wakes up in the morning.  The hero is made when they go on that adventure even though they'd rather stay comfortably at home, mining diamonds and gold.  So, get your mining pick or axe or whichever weapon you most prefer.  Adventure is calling! 

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