Adult Elsa Frozen 2 Wig by Disguise
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Adult Elsa Frozen 2 Wig by Disguise

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Tricky TransformationIs there a hair trend you’ve been longing to try? Maybe a rainbow dye-job that hides under your natural color or a perfect gradient between black and blue? Perhaps the look you’ve always wanted is more natural, but opposite of what you were born with? It could even be a style inspired by a beloved movie character. Or a combination of both! Whatever look you’re after, it can take a long time and serious financial commitment to get your hair looking and behaving just right.If you’re going for a magical transformation, maybe trying to get Queen Elsa’s trendy look, there’s even more to fuss with! That silvery-white hair always looks perfect! From raising a castle to diving into monstrous waves, her long braid and coifed bangs just seems immune to the elements! Trying to replicate that, without magic (or whatever trick Elsa uses), may just be impossible…Fun DetailsWith this Frozen 2 Elsa Wig for adults, you can make your perfect hair-day dreams come true! Made from olefin hair, this stunning and comfortable wig will keep its bright color and expertly-styled shape as long as you need—it’s almost like Elsa cast a freezing spell on it. Get the look you’re after without spending the time (and money) required to achieve a look as iconic as Elsa’s!Skip the MagicMaybe Elsa’s hairstyle has nothing to do with magic but getting your own hair to look just like Queen Elsa’s might require some serious sorcery. Or you can grab yourself this Frozen 2 Elsa Wig and complete your Ice Queen look in a snap!

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