Adult Plus Size Classic Cheer Care Bears Costume by FUN Costumes
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Adult Plus Size Classic Cheer Care Bears Costume by FUN Costumes

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The Spirit of a Care BearWe like your chutzpah there, pal! You're never too shy to do the Care Bear Stare. We can always count on you to stick your belly out in an attempt to make a glittery ray of light shoot out. At the mall, at school, or standing in line at the grocery store, if you see someone committing a pernicious act, you always try and stop them by using the Care Bears' special power. Everyone can plainly see that you're not a Care Bear... (Sorry, bud, the jig is up.) But, you're dedicated to your mission to make the world a more cheerful place anyway.Such commitment to the betterment of the world deserves a reward. And, even better, we may be able to offer up a way to help your Care Bear Countdown actually have some effect! Are you ready to upgrade your quest with the gear that will truly bring Care-a-Lot out of the clouds and into our lives?Fun DetailsIf you happen to be sporting Cheer Bear's rainbow belly badge then maybe, just maybe, it can help launch a sparkling pink light from your stomach. You can try with this officially licensed Cheer Bear costume. Part of our Made by Us line, this is a lovely pink jumpsuit designed in our own in-house studios. Not only does this jumpsuit feel plush on the skin, but it's also extremely warm and comfortable. The costume features an attached character hood, mitts, and shoe covers so you'll be pink from the tip of your ears down to the tip of your toes.The Power of CheerWe can't actually promise that you'll be firing rainbows from your belly, and you still might get a few strange looks from people at the mall... but we have a sneaking suspicion that you'll find several smiles forming, too. Maybe that's the real Care Bear Stare at work. 

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