Adult Plus Size Classic Tenderheart Care Bear Costume by FUN Costumes
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Adult Plus Size Classic Tenderheart Care Bear Costume by FUN Costumes

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A Huggable HeroSome superheroes focus on bank robbers and mob bosses. Tracking down villains who are in it for money, or power, or because they stumbled upon a crazy technology that they want to try out, no matter what the cost. We think the Care Bears are superheroes even though they have different fighting techniques and their adversaries are a little more... abstract.They don’t live in secret cave dwellings or drive slick cars or wear masks but they do patrol the skies looking for children that are being harassed by badly behaved beings. When the Bears track them down in their colorful cloud cars, those baddies better be ready because then it’ll be time for a Care Bear Stare. Where other heroes might put on the fighting gloves, the Care Bears have a kinder but even more effective tactic. They point their bellies at the villain, focus on happy thoughts, and shoot out hearts and rainbows at the troublemakers, making them disappear in a puff! Fun DetailsIt's time to suit up in the superhero look that you were destined for: the Classic Tenderheart Bear costume! This is a Made by Us exclusive that not only turns you into a Care Bear, but into the leader of the team! It’s perfect for hugging, listening, and generally taking your caring game to the next level. The brown fur jumpsuit is super soft with an attached hood, mittens and shoe covers. The hood has a sweet Care Bear face and the back has the tail and Care Bear heart patch. Get ready to use that tummy for a perfect blend of belly laughs, bear hugs... and brutal(?) beams!A Theme-Song to Boot!Not only will you love being this kind-hearted hero, but you get a song that is pretty catchy, too. Let's all do the Care Bear Countdown, 5—4—3—2—1!

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