Adult Star Wars R2D2/Bb-8 2-Pack Casual Crew Socks by Hypnotic Hoisery
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Adult Star Wars R2D2/Bb-8 2-Pack Casual Crew Socks by Hypnotic Hoisery

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The Droid BluesBoy, do we feel bad for droids! Why? Because they will never know the true joy of wearing a pair of socks. Just think about it! You get to enjoy that cozy feeling of slipping a pair of fresh socks on your feet on a cool autumn morning. R2-D2 can't wear socks. He doesn't have feet. He has wheels and socks just don't work on wheels. And BB-8? Have you seen that adorable little dude? There's no way you're getting a pair of socks on him!The good news is that you're not a droid. You get to feel the soft, cozy sensation of wearing these Star Wars R2-D2 and BB-8 Crew Socks!Fun DetailsIf you love a good pair of socks and you love the droids of the Star Wars universe, then you're going to love these socks! Each one is made out of a polyester and spandex blend material. It comes with 2 pairs, one with an R2-D2 theme and one with a BB-8 theme. They're designed to fit men's sizes 6 to 12, so they fit a wide variety of foot sizes. Just pair them up with any outfit and enjoy the feeling of cozy socks... unless you're a droid. In that case, we offer our condolences on your inability to wear socks.

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