Adult Teen Wolf Costume by FUN Costumes
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Adult Teen Wolf Costume by FUN Costumes

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REMEMBER THAT GAME!?It's been a year or two. Maybe closer to 10 or 20. But, still, that game was fantastic. You've been talking about it since high school and there's no reason to stop talking about it now. Maybe you've got kids who roll their eyes when you start talking about the leaps from half court and scoring two long shots in a row to win the final game against the dragons—all without your super cool werewolf powers! But, that was the past. Now, you're older. An adult! Maybe you've got some hair growth in spots that make your days as a teenaged werewolf seem like nothing. (Why are those nostril hairs so ticklish and what is with that one lonely hair on your earlobe? Where did that even come from!?) It kinda makes a person wonder why they put the wolf away if it was just going to start sprouting anyway. Maybe it is time to relive those glory days and put on the old jersey.FUN DETAILSNaturally, the first step is looking up to the moon and letting out a howl as you gear up in this officially licensed Teen Wolf costume. This is a basketball ensemble designed by our in-house team to replicate the classic 1985 Michael J. Fox film and is a way better way of wolfing out than he had to deal with! You'll love the yellow shorts and #42 Beavers jersey because they include faux fur on the arms and legs. The high basketball socks and Teen Wolf headpiece complete your look! OUT OF PRACTICE?Once you start reliving your Teen Wolf days, you might be looking at the basketball hoop and wondering if the Wolf can dunk! Well, we've included everything to make you look the part but, unfortunately, supernatural basketball skills aren't included. You'll have to make those shots on your own, just like Scott! 

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