Adult Twizzlers Costume by Morris Costumes
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Adult Twizzlers Costume by Morris Costumes

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It's a Wrap!Do you ever wonder why chocolate gets all the credit? We understand that it's a crowd favorite. It's creamy, it's rich, it's flavorful. But when it comes to Halloween night candy binging, it's not the best option. Why? Well, because it's too rich, creamy, and flavorful. Remember trick-or-treating as a kid? Dressing up and heading out into the neighborhood was rather exciting. And feeling the weight of your candy bag get heavier and heavier over time was pure adrenaline.You'd always try and see what was in your bag while walking around, peering through the holes in your plastic mask, trying not to trip on sidewalk cracks. But you couldn't really take inventory of your stash until you sat down on the living room floor and began to sort. Pro-trick-or-treaters knew to use the floor so they could avoid their bounty overflowing at the table or falling into couch cushions. It was magnificent. But when you had to choose the last few candies of the night before transforming back to a normal kid and heading to bed, it was important to choose right. And chewy, sweet Twizzlers were usually the perfect way to wrap up a sweet evening!Costume DetailsWant to celebrate that sweet Halloween feeling? Slip into this Twizzler costume and you'll feel some of that nostalgic Halloween joy that a big sack of candy once brought you as a child. The tunic has a giant Twizzlers written on the front and candy poking out from the top. With a simple shape and timeless flavor, this is a costume that can be worn again and again. Share the LoveWhether you're handing out candy, going door to door, or heading to a Halloween party, you're sure to stir up some Twizzler love this Halloween! Just don't be surprised when people come to you with their sweet tooth!

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