Bacon And Eggs Costume For Adults by Rasta Imposta
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Bacon And Eggs Costume For Adults by Rasta Imposta

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A Perfect PairHere’s the thing, last year when you went to the couples costume party, you didn’t realize that it was a party for couple’s costumes, rather than a costume party for couples. Yeah, it was embarrassing when Marvin and Leah went as peanut butter and jelly, and Frank and Dani went as wine and cheese, and you and your partner went as just a pirate and a 20s flapper. Not really a good pair, a flapper and a pirate. They didn’t really even exist in the same century. But this year, you guys are going to get it together with this amazing Bacon and Eggs Costume! You're ready!Take that Marvin and Leah! There’s no better culinary combination than bacon and eggs. Kind of like how there’s no better combination of people than you and your partner (especially since Frank and Dani are constantly bickering in public). In this couple’s costume, you guys will pretty much be made for each other, and there will be no more costumed faux pa’s.Fun DetailsThis pair of costumes is an excellent way to show you and your partner’s compatibility while also throwing yolk in Marvin’s face because he and Leah are going as ham and mustard and that’s just not as good. Each outfit is a sleeveless pullover tunic with a printed foam front of either strips of bacon or a perfectly fried sunny-side-up egg. You can wear these over ordinary clothes, or if you’re so inclined, nothing at all (hey, we don’t know how wild these parties get).Sizzling WinnersSo, congrats on recovering from that disastrous showing last year. Now all you have to do is start thinking about next year. Our suggestion: bacon and eggs! Nothing beats ‘em, and there’s no shame in returning as the champions of the night with the same look year after year. No one ever complains about too much bacon.

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