Bad Habit Nun Costume For Women by Music Legs
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Bad Habit Nun Costume For Women by Music Legs

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NUN PUNS Sure, dressing up as a nun is funny, we understand. We just want to make sure you have considered all the angles, and we are afraid there might be one that you have missed. Have you considered all the nun puns you might hear throughout the night? Nun rhymes with so many words, it is definitely dangerous to dress in this costume if you hate puns. So, if you're not gonna have nun of that, we recommend you find another costume. What if, when you're out at a restaurant the host says "Table for nun?" If that doesn't amuse you, this costume might not be for you. What if, after a night of constant puns, you're at a party and people start calling you "funny nunny." It's not a good nickname. To be honest, we're not even sure what it would mean, but it's catchy, and that's how all nicknames start. If you can't handle the puns, then this costume is not the nun for you. (Ha, sorry, can't help ourselves.) NUN DETAILS The puns might be funny, but this Women's Bad Habit Nun Costume is no laughing matter! The sleeveless dress has a mock-turtle collar and zips up on the back. It also has a big black cross across the front, in case someone is really not picking up on the costume. The skirt is gold edged with a tulip hemline, and you'll find gold crosses at the peaks. Even the thigh high stockings have crosses on them, meaning that you'll be covered in crosses from head to toe. NUN PUNS CAN BE FUNIf you decide to get this costume and the nun puns start flying, don't stress! Try to have fun with them. If you want the puns to stop, the best way to make it happen is to always beat them to the punchline. If you see an opening to a pun, say it first. That way, they can see how lame it sounds, and maybe they will avoid making the next available pun. We hope our advice helps, now go have pun with your costume. (Again, sorry, no self-control when it comes to puns.)

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