Bald Eagle Child Costume by FUN Costumes
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Bald Eagle Child Costume by FUN Costumes

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A Pretty Rad BirdYou just came back from a trip to the Everglades with your kiddo. And they just cannot get over all the bald eagles they saw there. The birds were sitting so magnificently on lone trees, like bold statues. Your kid was so enthralled that they practically dragged you to your local aviary, where there were, in fact, no bald eagles. Sure, the bluebirds and goldfinches were nice, but they weren’t the brawny awesomeness of the eagle. Well, here’s an idea to cure your kid’s bird-related blues: pick up this Child Eagle Costume!In this outfit, your kiddo will be able to see a bald eagle everytime they look in the mirror. On top of that, they’ll get to understand what it feels like to be the fearsome raptor as they go about their day-to-day chores. You can’t get much cooler than that! Your child's (yes, inexplicable) need to have more exposure to the majestic bird will finally be fulfilled!Fun DetailsThis powerful avian outfit is ideal for swooping in and out of the backyard. Let your kiddo show every creature around town why they’re the king of the sky! This costume features a long-sleeved shirt that fastens with a velcro tab around the back of the neck and draped sleeves that look like wings. The cropped pants have elastic at the waist and cuffs so they can stretch for comfort. Meanwhile, the eagle hood has a collar that fastens under the chin. Appliqued felt eyes and a stuffed felt beak adorn the hood to create the iconic eagle appearance. Finally, yellow felt shoe covers and matching stockings are included to turn your little one’s legs into terrifying talons.A Budding FascinationWho knows, maybe all this interest in eagles will lead to your kid becoming a bird specialist when they get older. Or maybe they’ll just get to be the coolest bird on the block! Either way, it sounds like fun!  

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