Beetlejuice Costume For Girls by Rubies Costume Co. Inc
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Beetlejuice Costume For Girls by Rubies Costume Co. Inc

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Have you ever sat back and thought about some of the ghosts that we’ve come to hear about and wonder, realistically, how the heck did they come by that name?  After all, some of them make no sense.  Half are just puns about being a ghost.  We doubt very much that parents looked at their lovable kiddo and said, “Well, someday you’ll be a ghost, so how about Boo?”  What about Slimer?  Pinky?  Well, some of those names might be acquired after their death, but it hardly seems right to just change up your name because you’re living-challenged.Well, we got to thinking about some of the most famous ghosts and we’ve come to suspect it is more like a title for the ghost that happens to hold that position.  So, when it comes to the Ghost with the Most, Beetlejuice, we’re now even more confident that nobody ever named that guy after gooey bug leftovers.  Obviously, that’s a title for the ghost with the most haunting potential, probably any ghost that is especially popular amongst the mortal crowd. Here’s the thing about the Beetlejuice that we knew… see, he went pretty nuts.  We’re guessing just too many years without people calling out his name that he had to let it all out too quickly.  Fortunately, the guy is getting the help he needs thanks to a really good head shrinker.  But, that means that the title of Beetlejuice is free for someone else, and we think that your little one has just the mojo needed to make a great ambassador for the mortals and spirits of the beyond.  All you’ll need is this girl’s Beetlejuice Costume, complete with a black and white striped dress styled just like the infamous suit coat!  Ruffled and satin lined, this look will be perfect for any Ghostess with the Mostest!  A crazy wig and some pale face paint later and it’ll be showtime.   

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