Belle Deluxe Child Costume by Disguise
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Belle Deluxe Child Costume by Disguise

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We love Beauty and the Beast. Don't you? It's the ultimate story of fantasy and intrigue. Belle starts out in a close-minded little village with no way of knowing that intrigue and mystery are lying in wait only a short horse gallop into the woods. We've learned so much from this film. First off, we had no idea that wolves were such a problem in France. No wonder those people carry around hard loaves of bread that can be used as bludgeons!  Anyway, this brings us to a slight problem we have with the plot. Why would the Beast forbid Belle from going into the West Wing? She's a curious kind of girl, the Beast knows this about her, right? Hmm maybe not. But even if he didn't know, who could resist that temptation? With that kind of instruction, he might as well have set up a neon sign pointing to his lair that says, "Intrigue here!". He could have just said that he likes his privacy and request that Belle does not go into his room. That's reasonable. Oh well, that's the point, we suppose. The Beast is unreasonable.  Anyway, we're glad all of that drama happened because, in the end, we got to see Belle come down the marble staircase in this gorgeous gown. It stuck in all of our minds for life and now your little girl gets to wear a deluxe version of the legendary dress. This costume has the classic golden sheen with off the shoulder sheer sleeves, a satiny bodice, and fluffy skirt. With layers of fluffy sparkly tulle, your little girl will be ready to twirl around the dance floor. This is a gown fit for a tale as old as time! 

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