Black Charleston Flapper Costume Dress by FUN Costumes
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Black Charleston Flapper Costume Dress by FUN Costumes

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AMERICA IN THE 1920'S America in the 1920's would have been a fun place to be. There were a lot of cool things happening! Like in 1920, women gained the right to vote thanks to the 19th amendment. This was HUGE. Not only that; for the first time ever people were moving from their farms to cities in massive numbers, creating a whole new wave of people hitting the cities. Because prohibition was in full swing, Bootleggers were at an all-time high. So were speakeasies. Did you know that Al Capone had made $60 million in alcohol sales by the year 1927? That's a whole lot of moolah. This isn't a good thing, we know, but it helped fuel the speakeasies that these flappers would hang out in! That's one of the places where you would have found these fancy dresses and headbands back in the day. FUN DETAILS This dress would have been all the rage back in the 1920's. It comes with 8 tiers of fringes that will wiggle and shake as you dance the Charleston all night long. Not only that, we've also covered the neckline and shoulder straps in sequins, meaning you will be one shimmering, shining star when you step onto that dance floor. We've also included a headband which is an essential piece for any flapper ensemble. It is covered in black sequins and has an upright feather on the front, giving this costume a fun, exciting feel. THE FLAPPER LIFESTYLEAre you ready to live the flapper lifestyle? Living life on the edge, wild and free? When you figure out how to do the Charleston, maybe you could spend a little time teaching us? We are at a loss when it comes to foot-eye coordination. All the same, a little lesson might make a big difference. Have fun! 

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