Black Panther Killmonger Battle Suit Boy'S Deluxe Costume by Rubies Costume Co. Inc
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Black Panther Killmonger Battle Suit Boy'S Deluxe Costume by Rubies Costume Co. Inc

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A Basketball Battle SuitIs your kiddo quite the athlete already? Do they love tossing the basketball into the hoop and celebrating their success? Perhaps they imagine themselves leaping into the air with the prowess of a superhero and dunking the ball in with the ferocity of a superpowered villain!? Well, that's the kind of fun that we love to encourage. Just imagine how fantastic the game would be if they could incorporate some of the mystical powers of their favorite comic characters!When we first get to see little Erik Stevens, he's playing basketball with his friends. Naturally, if things had gone differently between Uncle T'Chaka and his father, N'Jobu, little Erik might never have needed to claim the name Killmonger. Imagine, instead, if he had been treated to the same powers as the Black Panther and used them on the basketball court instead! We figure you can immediately see the connection, here. Isn't it about time that you give your little athlete the fun of a costume for their game!?Fun DetailsGive your tyke the gift of a superpowered dunk when they gear up in this officially licensed Deluxe Killmonger Battle Suit for kids. This is a jumpsuit that is detailed after the enhanced Panther Habit worn by Killmonger in the hit MCU film, Black Panther. It might not include all the Shuri-tech wonders we'd like to offer, but it does fit easily with hook and loop strips in the back and features fiberfill padding for a more muscular look. Finish off with the plastic mask and shoe covers and your kiddo is ready to win the Wakandan way. Fated for FunWe're not saying that this Killmonger Battle Suit will definitely give your kiddo the upper hand on the court. But, Killmonger was portrayed by Michael B. Jordan; that's only one initial away from a famous basketball player! Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But, we're sure your kiddo will still love the flash and fun of this Black Panther costume. 

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