Black Sequin Cuff Disco Pants For Men by Funny Fashions
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Black Sequin Cuff Disco Pants For Men by Funny Fashions

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Sequin FeverThere's nothing that makes a costume shine better than sequins. Whoever invented the sequin (probably Elton John, because he's a genius), they truly saved fashion. And how simple! Take a handful of little plastic disks (well, let's be honest, if you really want to do it right you need a bucketful), tie them to a piece of fabric and viola! Not just "oh hey, there's some plastic on your pants" but "Oh wow! What majestic beauty! How did you do that?" Sequins shimmer like distant stars, and you can be one of them...FUN DetailsSorry, we got a little caught up in things there. But you need these pants. One-hundred percent polyester and grooviness, the feature an elastic waist band, a zip in front, and black sequins on the cuffs of the pants. There is nothing to hate and everything to love, man.Be InfluencedWhat do all famous singers have in common? Great voices? Sure. Catchy songs? Maybe. But what they really have in common? You already know the answer: sequins. Because being a singer isn't about how well you sing or what you sing (Okay, it's mostly about those things), but it's also about catching the eyes of your audience! And nothing will draw the eye like these magical pants. Maybe you're not ready for that. Maybe you can't stand people falling all over themselves trying to talk to you. If you can't handle it, don't get these pants. You're not ready for that kind of power. But if you are ready... the world is yours! Okay, we keep getting caught up, but you get the idea!

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