Black Suit Costume by FUN Costumes
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Black Suit Costume by FUN Costumes

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Change of a HatYou have a bit of a...problem. Your three best pals all invited you to their three separate costume parties (that sounds like a problem we'd like to have!), only, they are all on the exact same night. You know that you can't show up to all of them in the same exact costume (thanks social media!); you want to make sure each of your friends know that you put time and effort into their get together. Hmmm...What's a guy like you to do? Well, you could get a body double, but it's likely costly. Also, you genuinely want  to go to these parties! No, you'll need something versatile and easy to wear. Something classic and moldable. Something like this Black Suit Men's Costume! Yep, this look is totally what you need to be able to pull off the costume party stunt of the century! With a ton of ways to style it, this suit provides you endless options for costumes with the simple change of a few accessories. Fun DetailsThis classic black suit features a fitted jacket with buttons and faux pocket flaps. The pants are actually an elastic waist, which is ideal for quick getaways and changes, but they have functional pockets, perfect for holding any necessary accessories. This costume comes with both a neck tie and a bow tie, in case one suits a costume choice more than the other! Add a fedora and toy tommy gun for an instant mob look, or add a toy pistol and bow tie for classic spy appeal. You can style this suit any number of other ways you see fit; we're confident a popular guy like yourself has a few crowd-pleasing tricks up your sleeve!Suit UpRemember, each party will be a unique experience, so take a few moments in your car between them to really get into character. You'd hate to make an entrance as an FBI agent and tell someone, "Shaken, not stirred." You want to memorable in your outfits, but not in that way!

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