Black Zoot Suit Costume by FUN Costumes
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Black Zoot Suit Costume by FUN Costumes

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Looking BossZoot suits have a fascinating history. There are lots of interesting reasons why this style became a “thing,” but regardless of all that, we are happy to say that the zoot suit is a super-keen look that’s here to stay!Be the boss of you next party, and have your whole gang of buddies knowing just who to take direction from—finally, right?—when you step out in this Zoot Suit Costume. There is no look more powerful than a classic zoot suit, especially when paired with the right accessories, and by opting for this outfit, you’re showing the whole neighborhood that you’re not a fella to be messed with. So tell them that you will be riding shotgun, you will choose the pizza toppings, you will decide when to call it a night—and see how it feels to hold all the cards!Fun DetailsWe know that deep down, you’re a nice guy, but this cool costume makes you look like one tough cookie (where does that saying come from?)! The long jacket and pants combo match in a classic (and classy) black- and white-pinstripe pattern. Meanwhile, the knee-length jacket stands out in classic zoot styling with its wide lapels and center front buttons. The pants have an elastic waistband to fit for comfort and come with attached elastic suspenders. All you need now is to accessorize with a fedora (duh!), a well-chosen watch chain, and a new pair of dapper shoes, freshly shined, to complete the look. A toy tommy gun doesn’t hurt, either, though you won’t need it to feel intimidating. This outfit takes care of that for you!Play it CoolWhen you roll onto the scene in this look, people might ask where your amazing zoot suit came from. Feel free to just snap your suspenders, act real tough, and ask them, “Who wants to know?” while glaring menacingly into their eyes. Or you can tell them we sent it to you! It’s up to you, after all. Everything is in your hands tonight!

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