Blue Celestial Starry Night Hideaway Canopy by Hearth Song
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Blue Celestial Starry Night Hideaway Canopy by Hearth Song

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Sky's the limitIt's wild how easy it is to spark a child's imagination. They don't need much to take an idea and run with it. You remember that feeling, right? You'd be swinging at the park and all the sudden you'd find yourself floating through outer space or racing monkies in the jungles of the Amazon. So when you're decorating your child's room, it's nice to put aside a little space where they can let their minds run in all sorts of directions. A canopy with a starry night theme like this one will let your little one pretend they're in a unicorn castle one day and that they're a wildlife explorer the next. With glowing lights and sheer blue fabric, winddown time has never been as magical as it will be under this gorgeous draperyFun DetailsIt's easy to make this canopy the centerpiece of your little one's room! It has LED string lights attached at the top as well as ribbons hanging down for a magical look that's sure to stir the imaginations of both the young and young at heart. The lights run on three AA batteries. With multiple layers of sheer material, children will feel like they're in a world of their own while remaining in your sight line. Deep DreamingAre you ready to amp up the imagination factor in your child's room? Whether this canopy is a gift or you're redoing your child's room, this canopy is sure to be used for years and receive oohs and awws when your little one sees it. Whether your little one spends the time under this canopy reading, drawing, or simply playing pretend, kids are sure to get plenty of inspiration when under this magical drapery!

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