Blue Sailor Costume For Children by FUN Costumes
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Blue Sailor Costume For Children by FUN Costumes

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A LIFE AT SEAAhoy there! Thinking about life at sea? A life at sea would be pretty cool. Sailing the globe, exploring uncharted waters. There is no telling what kind of mysteries you might find while you are out at sea! Just stay away from the Bermuda Triangle, we'd like it if you could make it back from your next trip at sea! Sailing the seas would be tough though too! The hardest part for us might be the seasickness. We'd have a hard time keeping anything down until we got our sea legs, and there is no telling how long that might take! But that's not all, it'd be hard to be stuck on a boat all day, day in, day out. You can't just hop off the boat and onto land to stretch your legs, you're out in the middle of the sea! You'd be all cooped up, itching to step off by the end of the journey. FUN DETAILS This costume will turn your child into a capable young sailor! The costume is simple, yet iconic. They'll be wearing navy blue pants and a navy blue shirt with white accents.  The sleeve cuffs are white, the collar is partly white, and the necktie is white, creating an instantly recognizable combination. If the shirt didn't give this costume away, then the hat definitely will! The hat is a standard sailor's uniform and has a padded brim for added comfort. WHERE WOULD YOU GO SAILING? Where would you want to sail if you were heading out on the high seas? We think it'd be cool to sail around the Carribean. If we are going to be out at sea, might as well be out in paradise, right? It could double as a vacation, A little work and a lot of play! 

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