Boys Deluxe Police Officer Costume For Child by Aeromax
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Boys Deluxe Police Officer Costume For Child by Aeromax

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CRIME FIGHTINGSo, your kiddo thinks they are ready to start fighting crime? Fantastic, we are happy to have them join the force. They will be assigned to a specific location, and they will be responsible for maintaining both a clean and safe environment at said location. The location we are assigning them to is your house. While they are the police officer on duty at your house, you will be their direct superior. That means that they answer to you.  You can offer them whatever tasks you like while they are on the clock! If you need someone to patrol the yard, that's fine, and if you need someone to escort the trash off the premises and into the garbage can outside, that's fine too! When you are playing police officer together, you can assign whatever jobs you like! Doesn't sound too bad now does it? FUN DETAILS This costume will transform your child into a police officer in the FUN division, working at outpost (insert your house number.) Their uniform will consist of a jumpsuit, a hat, and a belt. The jumpsuit is navy blue and is styled to look like a police officer's uniform. It says "Police" on the front and has a patch on the sleeve. The hat is adjustable and has a badge on the front. The belt is faux leather and has detailing to make it look like a real police belt! This uniform is standard issue for officers in the FUN division and should suit them well. OFFICER: FUN DIVISIONWhen they are working as an officer in the fun division, they are not only upholding the law, they are upholding a good time! That means it is their job to make sure that they have as much fun as possible while working. Try to assign them tasks that align with that goal! 

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