Captain Blackheart Plus Size Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Captain Blackheart Plus Size Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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Historically SpeakingDid you know Captain Morgan was named after Sir Henry Morgan, who was the governor of Jamaica back in the day? Of course you did! Before his royal appointment, Sir Morgan was a privateer, and let’s face it, a highly rich and successful pirate. While he was a thorn in the side of any governmental organization of the Caribbean colonies at the time, he was extremely popular among the general populace. Go figure. In any case, we agree, there is something alluring about being a eminently popular scallywag, so of course, we understand that you’d be interested in this Plus Size Pirate Captain Morgan Costume.  We’re sure the association with alcoholic beverages is purely coincidental—even though Sir Henry did own some large Jamaican sugar plantations, with which he used to distill large quantities of rum. You’re more interested in his military prowess, right? After all, the guy did sack Panama City once, after marching all the way across the isthmus. That’s pretty impressive, in that way of things.Fun DetailsRegardless if you’re wearing this outfit for a party or for your own privateering efforts, we think you’ll really dig this stylish knee-length coat and faux-leather belt. It’ll be a good fit, and matches well with the satin ascot, an obvious requirement of any gentleman pirate. And don’t forget to complete the look with the red poplin tricorn hat—because what is any seafaring captain without the perfect headgear to state, “I’m here, and all this bounty is now mine.”  Of course, we know you’re a nice guy, but in this costume, it’s going to be hard to not want to be a little greedy. A Good Pirate Always Has EnemiesOf course, you can’t make a name as a pirate without making some enemies, as Sir Morgan surely did over the course of his life. But honestly, we don’t want you to make any enemies while enjoying this excellent costume, so do the opposite of the historical Sir Morgan, and be generous with your pillaging and plundering. We think it’s far better to be loved than feared, and really, you’re going to look so on point in this costume, no one is going to want to make enemies with you anyway.

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