Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes
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Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes

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Three Cheers for YouYou're one of those naturally peppy people, aren't you? We've always wondered what your secret is. You seem to rise like the sun, gleefully shining on the world around you! You appear radiant, kind, and genuinely able to see the upside of every situation. So tell us; we're dying to know! Is it positive affirmations? Did you take a seminar or something? Is there a book we can read? Whatever your secret to staying happy, this Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Costume will fit your can-do spirit and super-big smile. It still disarms us a bit, your endless cheer, but at least in this costume, everyone will see your overflowing joy coming from a mile away! We knew this pink outfit would make you smile—and not just because everything does. No, this costume was made for a merry gal whose life is rainbows and butterflies from morning 'til night. Now go out there and spread that joy to others!Fun DetailsThis bright and happy costume is comprised of a bright pink furry jumpsuit that zips up the back for a quick transformation (not that it's a true transformation—seeing how you're basically Cheer Bear at heart). You can pull up the hood and ears or leave it down for a more casual, happy day off. Mitts and shoe covers ensure you look un-bear-ably cute, as does the tail sewn onto the back. We can't guarantee this costume will up your daily dose of glee—honestly, is it even possible?—but we promise it will bring smiles to the faces of those you encounter!Share the LoveCongrats on being the happiest person on Earth. We think it's a little odd you won't tell us your secret to lasting joy, but once you're in this cozy and cheerful costume, you will be able to share all that cheer and goodwill with the world wherever you wear it!  

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