Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume For Tweens by FUN Costumes
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Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume For Tweens by FUN Costumes

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Sunny Disposition Tweens can be—hmmm. What's the adjective we're looking for? Complicated. One minute they are moody and broody, the next they're bubbly and energetic. It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. But you don't know any of this, because your gal is upbeat and cheerful every day. Seriously?! How lucky are you?  Now, you may be hesitant to scream this fact from the rooftops—just remember that no one likes a braggart. But perhaps she could wear this Care Bears Tween's Deluxe Cheer Bear Costume around town and subtly show folks just how darn delightful she is! Not only does it feature her fabulous personality, but this look is totally cute and cozy. She'll love wearing it to school dress-up days or to just lounge around the house, being lovely. It's an easy to wear look that makes your gal's sunny outlook easy to share. And if there is anything the Care Bears love, it's sharing feel-good vibes. Congrats on your great girl! Fun Details This playful take on the Care Bears look features a faux fur, zippered hoodie pullover in a totally cheerful shade of pink. Cheer Bear's signature belly badge is embroidered right on the front, so there's no confusing her for, say, Grumpy Bear (no way!). The sleeves have cute paw detailing, and the hood has sweet fuzzy bear ears. Stretchy leggings are great for a rainy day movie fest or for running and playing outside—either way, your girl is bound to make the most of her situation, especially given the fact that there is a bright rainbow pattern all over these leggings! This licensed look is totally lovely, just like your girl! Three Cheers for You Obviously, you've done something right, seeing as your kid is such a grateful, gracious, gleeful girl! So, hip, hip, hooray for you! Of course, this costume doesn't protect you against what may happen when she becomes a full-blown teenager. But for now, celebrate the cheerful child you have! 

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