Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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A BRIGHT ROAD TO FOLLOWSometimes it can feel like we've kind of lost our way while moving forward in this modern age.  All sorts of crazy stuff tends to go on and it can seem like we've lost that guiding path that is supposed to help us march forward.  Unfortunately, life isn't always quite like the lofty and optimistic world that we used to see in our favorite cartoon worlds.  That should probably be obvious, we suppose... But, optimistically imagining what could be is part of what we do here and we're always happy to breathe some life into a truly inspiring leader of the past generation to give us all a chance to put a wide smile on our faces today!  But, when we saw a rainbow and followed it to the end. seeking the great prize that may be waiting there, even we were surprised not to find a pot of gold but a heart of gold in cuddly bear form!FUN DETAILSChannel the leadership and wonder of the Care Bears when you slide into this officially licensed and exclusive Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Women's Hoodie Costume.  This hooded pullover top is mostly a bright fuzzy pink and features a wide hood with the optimistic bear's ears.  The belly is an embroidered rainbow in the same style as Cheer Bear's memorable symbol.  The leggings feature the same rainbow pattern printed in smaller scale all over.  Just practice your Care Bear Stare and watch the smiles spread everywhere you look. THE OPTIMISTIC HERO WE NEEDIt can be pretty easy to fall victim to frustrating thoughts when the gloom of folks like No Heart and Professor Coldheart are doing their best to crush the optimism in the world.  But, whether overcast clouds or frigid frost are working to darken your days, this Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume is sure to put a smile right back on your face and keep your heart good and warm to inspire the rest of us! 

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