Care Bears Deluxe Grumpy Bear Adult Costume by FUN Costumes
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Care Bears Deluxe Grumpy Bear Adult Costume by FUN Costumes

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THE BAD MOOD BLUESWhat's the matter sleepyhead, have you woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Do you hate it when people say words like 'sleepyhead' and roll your eyes when someone accidentally rhymes like we just did? Or do you feel disdain for anyone who opens their mouth to speak, regardless of their lingo? If so, that's great! We have the perfect costume for you and it just may turn your frown upside down. (We apologize if you also find that phrase particularly annoying.) The officially licensed Grumpy Bear costume will let others know not to test your patience. Think of it as a furry and wearable warning sign letting others know you're in no mood for fun and games and to stay far away no matter how enticing your blueness may be. You may find the longer you're wearing the all-fur jumpsuit, your bad mood could potentially melt away. That's not a guarantee or anything but recent feedback indicates it's nearly impossible to feel grumpy when you're impersonating a Care Bear. DESIGN & DETAILSThe faux fur jumpsuit zips up with a full zipper in the back while a raincloud belly badge is visible on the front. A character hood with bear ears and mitts sewn to sleeve cuffs are attached to the jumpsuit for your convenience. You'll also receive a pair of shoe covers with elastic straps that comfortably stretch around feet. GO FROM GRUMP TO NICE GUYWe understand you're okay with being a typically grumpy guy but if you find that faux fur jumpsuits are the key to finding happiness then you may want to think about purchasing all of our Care Bears costumes. We have Bedtime Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, Good Luck Bear, and Cheer Bear costumes. Wear a different one every day of the week and chase your blues away for good!              

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