Caribbean Pirate Plus Size Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Caribbean Pirate Plus Size Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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HALLOWEEN IS HARD FOR PIRATES Halloween is a confusing time for pirates. In a sense, Halloween kind of goes against everything pirates believe in. This sounds strange, but hear us out. Pirates are all about taking whatever they want, right? Stealing, thieving, pillaging, all of that good stuff. But, on Halloween, people just give you stuff. How are you supposed to act like a proper scallywag when people just give you what you want without a fight? Just imagine a pirate at your neighbor's door on Halloween. "ARRRR, we are here for your gold, give it 'ere!" Then your neighbor, unaware of the serious danger she is in, just laughs and says "Oh my, so spooky! Wonderful costumes sweeties, I have just the thing for ya! Here, take some Rolos wrapped in real gold foil." How is a pirate supposed to handle that? Shouldn't she be afraid of them? Why was she waiting at the door with the gold ALREADY in hand, who does that? Nights like Halloween could give a pirate a serious identity crisis. FUN DETAILS This Caribbean Pirate Women's Plus Size Costume is exactly what you'd picture a pirate would wear! The shirt/vest combo has muslin sleeves and shirt front, and the faux suede vest panels have worn brass buttons, battered from all of your years at sea. The faux suede jacket has decorative stitching, and it shows the same signs of wear from your hard life as a seafaring scoundrel. You'll be wearing poplin pants with cropped cuffs, which we all know as a classic pirate look, and a faux suede hat as well. The finishing touches for this costume come in the form of a faux leather belt and cuffed boot tops, making you a pirate from head to toe. GOOD LUCK We hope you enjoy your costume, and we just hope that you have an easier time adjusting to Halloween than a real pirate! Just remember, people WANT to give you the delicious plunder, you don't have to fight them for it! A simple "trick or treat" will do just fine. Good luck! 

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