Catan: Crop Trust- Board Game Expansion by Catan Studio
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Catan: Crop Trust- Board Game Expansion by Catan Studio

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Depositing to the BankSvalbard, Norway is home to one of the greatest accomplishments of humankind! The Svalbard Global Seed Vault stores a diverse population of seeds to help conserve various species of crops and plants. It's a great service to the world. Should anything happen to current populations of crops, they have the seeds to keep them from facing extinction! Now, with Catan: Crop Trust, you can learn how the process works, all while playing your favorite board game!Fun DetailsThis is a Catan Expansion set, so you do need to have the original Catan game if you want to play with this set. It comes with new tokens and crop-based game boards to add to your copy of Catan. It also adds a new hex into the mix and changes some of the rules with a brand new rules book.A Whole New BallparkSo, in this version of Catan, you'll be playing a normal game, but with a new twist. When collecting on grain resources, you get different varieties of crops, including beans, quinoa, corn, and more. If you overharvest, you and your opponents risk the possibility of eradicating a type of crop from the game forever. That's bad news! To counteract this, players may place some of their crops into the seed bank to make sure there's a backup. Adding to that, constructing new settlements can lead to adverse effects on existing crops, which means if you build to aggressively, you might just deplete an important resource from the game forever. It adds an interesting new cooperative element of keeping all of the crops alive and well, along with the normal aspect of pushing for developing your civilization!

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