Caverna- Board Game by Asmodee
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Caverna- Board Game by Asmodee

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The New Seven DwarvesYou've heard the old story. You know, the one about the seven dwarves that rush off to the caves every day to toil away and return with a bunch of gems. The question is this, though: why? It isn't like they're selling those gemstones to any local tradesfolk in order to get some awesome ingredients for pies. What kind of living do those folks have!? It's time for the world to know what cave farming is really like. We need some dwarves that can really show us how a clan can survive, grow, and prosper in the many months of the year. It takes skill, strategy, and a fair amount of luck, too! (And, of course, a handful of shiny gems showing up while you're at it isn't bad for funding better furnishings!)Fun DetailsJoin the household and make that dusty old cave a place that a dwarf would love to call home in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. This game plays 1-7 players and takes about 30 minutes for each participant. (Best games are probably with 4 people and a couple of hours.) If you're familiar with Agricola, this game will come pretty naturally to you! Begin the game with two dwarf tokens—but you'll get more! Each dwarf can take a single action, whether you're cultivating land, chopping down trees, or even mining in the mountain. Increase your wealth, improve your homestead, and survive the odds with your ever-growing family for 12 rounds. The dwarven clan with the best settlement wins!A Clan of Cave FarmersCombine the fun of a farming simulation, resource management, and a bit of a custom flair for art in Caverna: the Cave Farmers, a card and tile game for 1-7 players. 

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