Child Black Morphsuit Costume by Morphsuits
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Child Black Morphsuit Costume by Morphsuits

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Complete Cover-UpEver since they saw a certain...ahem...wizard movie, your kid has become obsessed with the idea of invisibility. "Wouldn't it be cool, " they ask you all the time, "if you could just fade into the background and observe everything around you?" That's deep, kid. And yes, we agree, it would be very cool, indeed. The good news is, our tech team is working around the clock to develop and hone invisibility capes and see-through enchantments to help kids like yours live out their dreams. The bad news? We're still years away from any kind of market release. In the meantime, get your little dreamer this Child Black Morphsuit and let them fade into the darkness of caves, hallways, closets, and basements around them. It'll still be tons of fun (and much safer than our current methods of invisibility)!But that leads us to a question: why does your kid want to be so invisible? Usually, those who wish for this power are going on top-secret missions, or are sneaking around (maybe to the kitchen, for midnight snacks!). You may want to start poking around for answers.Fun DetailsThis total blackout suit is crafted from spandex stretch fabric and fastens with a two-way zipper at the back. The head, hands, and feet will be fully enclosed—actually, if you think about it, this sleek design is way more efficient than a cape, cloak, or other bulky method of invisibility. Beta TestingYour kid's interest in invisibility may just make them perfect for some upcoming studies we have going on. We're really trying to push ahead this new technology. So maybe send your child our way for a few test runs. They can live out their dream, and we can make the future of invisibility even more tangible! Of course, we'll need you to fill out a few forms first. We understand if you'd like to just have them stick to the suit.

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