Child Elena Adventure Costume Dress From Elena Of Avalor by Disguise
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Child Elena Adventure Costume Dress From Elena Of Avalor by Disguise

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Just can’t wait to be queen? We don’t blame her!When it comes to your big dream, it’s can be so hard to have patience! But as teen princess Elena Castillo Flores has learned, there’s a lot to learn before you can rule! Even though she literally already saved her kingdom - and herself - from an enchantment brought on by an evil socercess (she was even trapped in an amulet for 40 years!), that doesn’t she doesn’t still have to do some serious on-the-job training when it comes to being the Queen of Avalor! Luckily for this crowned princess, she’s got a personal Grand Council to guide her along the way (and here we thought we were lucky to have a stack of teen magazines to guide us through those pesky teen years) as well as some seriously great sidekicks in the form of friends, wizards, and even magical creatures! And we have to say…even though we already love Elena for being the bold, caring, funny, and clever ascendant to the Avalor throne, the adventures she embarks on are some pretty great examples of how use to thoughtfulness, resilience, and compassion when it comes to being a truly great leader!If your princess also dreams of one day growing up to be queen of her own castle, then your little highness will rule in this officially licensed Child Elena Adventure Dress from Elena of Avalor! An extravaganza of printed satin ruffles and glitter satin, this costume dress looks just like Elena’s flamenco-inspired signature dress from the hit Disney series. Top it off with a sparkling tiara and your royal wonder will be ready for her own daring adventures!

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