Child Elf Costume by FUN Costumes
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Child Elf Costume by FUN Costumes

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So your kid is into Christmas. We don't blame them. After all, there's amazing lights and decorations, delicious holiday foods and candies, fun traditions, stories, marvelous music, and of course, presents. All of this adds up to one pretty magical holiday. As a matter of fact, this seems to be the holiday of miracles and wishes. This is probably due in no small part to the big jolly gift-giver himself: Santa Claus.As holidays and fables go, we're pretty excited about Santa, and we imagine your kid is too. He does, after all, have a secret base, a gift-making army, magic abilities, and just a whole bunch of cool lore. If we could, we'd totally go work for Mr. Kringle (no offense He just seems so happy, and it's all for a good cause making presents for kids. Although, we would only have one day off a year... on second thought we'll leave the positions in Santa's workshop for those industrious little helpers of his.What's that? Your kid is still bent on helping Santa out? Wow. They're even more into Christmas than we are! No worries. We're sure Santa will at least let them work for a little while. They need to make sure to bring the right outfit to blend in, though. Like this Child Elf Costume. There's green flannel shirt and pants, with stretch knit stripes for the lower sleeves. There's a faux leather vest, knit stockings, a hat with a pompom, booties with a curled toe and a pompom, and it's a exclusive. In this outfit, they'll look right at home in Santa's workshop.

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