Child Mime Costume by FUN Costumes
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Child Mime Costume by FUN Costumes

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OH, THAT BEAUTIFUL SILENCEThere are usually only a few moments when your kiddo goes into total silent mode.  There is, of course, the mischevious and 'getting into trouble' phase.  The silent alarm that warns parents that whatever room the kiddo is in is about to become a war zone of chaos.  Then, there is the 'why did you do that?' phase.  Here is where the only words capable of escaping your troublemaking tyke is the barely audible, "I don't know."  The rest of the time, no amount of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones are going to help quiet the gleeful chaos that is the rambunxious kiddo, especially as you get nearer to the holidays, when they have a radar for candy and entertaining activities.  However, we've uncovered a single loophole that might greatly interest parents all around the world... FUN DETAILSWe've all tried to play the "quiet game" and watched it fail miserably.  However, once you clad your kiddo in this Child Mime Costume, things are bound to get a little easier to get that tyke to win the game!  Now, it needs to be convincing, of course, so you'll have this iconic knit shirt with elastic suspenders and the red paisley bandana that is a registered requirement for mimes everywhere.  Such a look would be pointless without the beret style mime hat.  A little white paint and some invisible boxes and you've got yourself a portable quiet chamber!  A MIME IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTEThis quiet game is not likely to work too often, but we are confident that if your tyke knows that candy is eventually going to be involved as the prize for winning the costume contest, there may be no limits to the success that the miming endeavor could bring!  This might unleash a whole new wave of quiet kiddos.  We'll need bells just to know our ears are still working! 

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