Chocolate Factory Worker Costume For Toddlers by FUN Costumes
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Chocolate Factory Worker Costume For Toddlers by FUN Costumes

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DREAM JOB: CHOCOLATE FACTORY WORKERCan you think of a better job than working in a chocolate factory? Probably not. The entire experience would be totally magical. You and all of your green-haired friends get to spend all day making sweet treats. You could sit at your workstation and watch the chocolate slowly flow by, like a little, meandering chocolate river.Have you considered all the free candy you could get? All the chocolate you could possibly want. The hardest part of working in a chocolate factory would be getting yourself to stop eating! Actually, that might be second hardest. The actual hardest part would be dealing with all the tourists who want to come and see how it's made. They wander in and start touching everything, and complain when they don't get what they want. That would definitely be a nuisance, but if that's the worst problem with your job, then we think that you have it pretty dang good!FUN DETAILS This Chocolate Factory Worker Toddler Costume comes with everything you'll need to make it look like your little one just finished up a day at the chocolate factory! The shirt has striped cuffs and a mock turtle collar. Over the shirt will be the big white overalls, complete with comically large buttons to hold them in place. To match the milk chocolate colored sweater, we've also included boot covers, so that no matter what shoes you put on your toddler, they will match the outfit. Lastly, this costume comes with a synthetic green wig, an absolute necessity for any chocolate factory workers. DREAM JOBCongrats, your little kiddo now has their dream job, before they even turned 12! Pretty impressive if you ask us. Now, all you need is a costume of your own to match. Chocolate factory workers tend to come in groups, why not get a costume for yourself?

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