Classic Star Wars Ep. 7 Kylo Ren Villain Costume For Kids by Rubies Costume Co. Inc
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Classic Star Wars Ep. 7 Kylo Ren Villain Costume For Kids by Rubies Costume Co. Inc

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Things have gotten pretty rough for a galaxy far, far away and we’re all experiencing some really conflicting feelings about it.  Not only does the Empire continue to prove that it just wants to be… well… we don’t think it would be too far to say they’re being pretty darned mean!  Why anyone decided that exploding a whole planet was ever a good idea seemed pretty crazy, so, when they decided to try to make a newer, bigger base that can explode entire star systems?  Well, what is going on, folks!? To make things even worse, they’ve managed to convince someone who should have been a beacon of hope into a bit of a bad guy, too.  Ben Solo has gone the way of his grandfather and gotten all turned around and confused by the Dark Side of the Force.  We can’t totally blame him for wanting to take after a powerful ancestor like Darth Vader.  Who wouldn’t?  The guy is made of armor, has a forbidding helmet that gleams with darkness, and the whole long ranged Force Choking is a pretty awesome trick.But, we’re hoping that we can show little Kylo Ren that there is a better way to do things.  Or at least distract him with some cookies or something.  Show your kiddo what Force powers might be like with this officially licensed Child Classic Star Wars Episode 7 Kylo Ren Villain Costume.  The polyester robe is dark and has lovely detail while the hood can pull up over Kylo’s own Darth helmet, a hard plastic detachable mask that will have everyone wondering which side of the Force Kylo is going to land.  We’re still crossing our fingers for the Light Side! 

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