Day Of The Dead Senorita Costume For A Child by Party King
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Day Of The Dead Senorita Costume For A Child by Party King

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THE DAY OF THE DEADCelebrate the Day of the Dead with our spooky yet stylish costume! This costume is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday. Who would you most want to meet on the day of the dead? Of course, family always comes first, but for the sake of conversation, ignore family for this question. Who would you most want to meet? You could meet Augustus Caesar, the Roman ruler! You could meet King Arthur, you could meet Martin Luther King jr., You could even meet Elvis Presley! The possibilities are endless, any of your favorite historical figures are on the table for this one. We think that we would want to meet Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll. We like to picture that even beyond the grave, Elvis still has the voice and the moves that we have always loved. Man, that would make for one great holiday. FUN DETAILS This costume is the perfect combination of dark elegance! You'll be wearing a red dress detailed with roses, with lace detailing on the skirt! This black and red combination fits Day of the Dead style wonderfully. You'll also be wearing black gloves to go with your dress, as well as a mask and headband. The mask is white and red with a flower on it, and the headband has many flowers and a veil that hangs down the sides and back. when you put all of this together, you are left with a true masterpiece! DAY OF THE DEADWho do you want to meet on the Day of The Dead? Give this a lot of thought, as who knows what could happen! You might just find yourself face to face with the ghost of your favorite historical figure. We hope you enjoy your costume and the holiday! 

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