Deluxe Candy Man Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Deluxe Candy Man Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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A MUCH SANER CANDYMANThere aren't many opportunities where being a candy man is considered especially good.  Either it calls up images of creepy adults in white vans or more literally calls up a hook-handed monster just by muttering a name into a mirror.  Neither one are especially heart-warming!  Fortunately, everyone's favorite chocolatier is available to give us a happier idea of what it means to distribute candy to the masses.Now, we're not saying that the wily Willy Wonka is always completely on his rocker, either, but we're pretty sure we can attribute most of the lunatic laughter and his preference for tiny orange folks as employees to all be part of a permanent sugar high.  The rest of the energetic ideas and gleeful acrobatics in a world of pure imagination certainly make the rest of us want to count to three and hop in that boat down the chocolate river!FUN DETAILSFind out just what it is like to be the master of chocolate with this Deluxe Willy Wonka Men's Costume.  The combination costume includes a polyester velour jacket of the most vibrant purple you probably expected you'd ever don and a matching foam-backed velour hat complete with the keenly designed ribbon band.  The comfy cotton shirt and waistband pants provide a great base, but the button-up vest and beautiful bow will near complete your look.  All you'll need to be on the lookout for is a hooked cane and, of course, a bucketload of chocolate!WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD?There's nothing to making a big impact when you've got the inspired look of the master of the Wonka Factory.  Between the iconic purple jacket and the hat that could only come from the hermit chocolatier, you'll be ready to sing your visitors through a tour of goodies that they could hardly imagine.  Just make sure you bring a few Oompa-Loompa friends to help out in case things get... wonky.  

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