Deluxe Feisty Pirate Wench Costume by FUN Costumes
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Deluxe Feisty Pirate Wench Costume by FUN Costumes

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THE PIRATE ROLE WE ALL LONG FORFolks assume that 'pirate' instantly means that you're going to spend all your time on the high seas, sailing from one spot of buried treasure to the next, taking a break only to hop onto other ships and see what you can manage to pilfer off of them. But, there is so much more to pirate life. So many different kinds of people. After all, what do folks think pirates do with all that booty!? Well, it has to be spent somewhere. It can't spend all of its time forever buried under the sandy beaches of a hidden X-mark.  No, it is off to Pirate Island where they can barter with the real pirates. The swordsmiths, the rum-brewers, and the most intimidating of all pirates, anywhere: the alehouse wench! FUN DETAILSNaturally, in a world where rum is the primary tradable commodity, the gal who controls the drink is the real queen!  So, get into your royal garb with this Pirate Wench Costume. This pirate regalia is the complete look from the white tulle petticoat under the rich red skirt, the white bodice with long puffy sleeves and black faux leather vest with bright gold ribbon and cord lacing, and a white striped satin waist sash that could just as easily be worn on the neck or hair.  We are talking about the gal who is in control of the drink. Nobody is going to tell you how to do anything for fear of a dry spell! TIME TO EARN SOME PIRATE BOOTYAfter the pirates finally go and retrieve all their buried treasure, it has to go somewhere, and that is right to your hands at the Pirate Island Alehouse. Get ready to collect all the goods, because when it comes to the trade of rum, the Pirate Wench is the real queen! 

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