Deluxe Ghostbusters Plus Size Costume by Rubies Costume Co. Inc
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Deluxe Ghostbusters Plus Size Costume by Rubies Costume Co. Inc

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Are you the kind of guy that ain't afraid of nothing? Do those seasonal haunted houses simply make you giggle? Well, good for you! Here's the thing, though, if you don't put that bravery to good use it might fade over time! Yep, use it or lose it, so to speak. Now, before you go signing up for the super natural sector of the F.B.I., we have a new career path for you. We hear the Ghostbusters are looking for a new member! You might think that Bill Murray and company took care of all those wayward spirits in the classic eighties hit but you may have been misled. With people passing on every day, there will always be those mischievous souls who'd rather stick around and cause chaos than head to their final resting places. That's where you and your Proton Pack come in! Whether you're heading out to your favorite haunts with a whole ghost busting crew or you're braving it alone, those ghosts are sure to shiver in fright once they see you show up! All your bravery aside, you might feel less than prepared for your new career. And that, friend, is where we come in! You'll feel like a professional as soon as you zip up this khaki jumpsuit. It has a structured collar, straight leg pants, and a Ghostbuster decal on the arm and chest. You'll even be suited up with an inflatable Proton Pack and Neutrino wand! You've never had a job this easy, just don't cross those streams!

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