Deluxe Men'S Mad Hatter Costume by Charades
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Deluxe Men'S Mad Hatter Costume by Charades

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An Organizational NightmareThis is not very common knowledge, but before he went gallivanting into Wonderland, the Mad Hatter was the head of our Human Resources and Organizational Structure Department. Back then he went by Alessandro and wore mostly smaller hats (although he had one or two big ones he wore on important meeting days). And for the most part, Alessandro did a great job. He really set up a fantastic leadership flowchart and new training policies. The only problem was when he left for Wonderland, he didn’t leave us any documentation of anything. It was all stored in his head. That made things pretty difficult for us. Regardless, we still made this Men’s Mad Hatter Deluxe Costume in his name, because to know Alessandro was to love him.And now you, too, can honor his and timeless impact on the efficiencies of the day-to-day operations of our offices. Just don’t try to drink as much tea as he did, we don’t know how one man could possibly consume that much Earl Grey.Fun DetailsThis fascinating ensemble is modelled directly after Alessandro's (err...the Mad Hatter's) ensemble on the day he took his leave. The shimmery vest ties at the waist and has a solid neck band. The knicker style pants have decorative buttons at the bottom and complement the frock coat, which has wide lapels. The iconic bow tie is multi-colored and makes will make you as unforgettable as he was. Colorful ribbons are added all over the costume for increased dramatic flair! Note: the wig, hat, makeup, gloves, and boots are all sold separately, so make sure to accessorize appropriately. Alessandro would want it that way.A True LegendWe’re not saying we miss Alesandro; he had some eccentricities. But the office was a ton of fun with him around. So make sure to enjoy the kooky fun this costume is bound to bring you. You may just end up a household name, too! And if you get a chance to go to Wonderland, say hi for us! And tell him we finally unlocked his compuer password.

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