Deluxe Pirate Wench Plus Size Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Deluxe Pirate Wench Plus Size Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME Pirates are some of the scariest folks to ever sail the high seas! They travel about, doing whatever they want and taking whatever they want. Oh, you have some gold? Too bad, the pirates want it so the pirates will take it, and you'll be lucky to leave with your life. Scary stuff, that's for sure. So it makes sense why they make such great costumes! But as scary as pirates are, without a scary name they'd be considerably less so! Have you considered your pirate name? Pirate names aren't easy to come by. The best way to come up with one, is to pick one of your more notable features or accomplishments, and mash it with your name. If you have a peg leg, you could be peg leg peggy. Maybe you stole some of the queen's gold, you could be 10 karat carol. You see what we mean? We are sure you will think of something. FUN DETAILS While you think of your pirate name, let us give you the rundown on your pirate costume. You'll be rocking a long red velvet dress, with black striped accents and white shoulders and sleeves. Over your dress you'll have a black faux leather vest, like any self respecting pirate would own. This costume also comes with a black choker necklace and a black and white bandana, which serve as the finishing touches to your pirating outfit. HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF YOUR PIRATE NAME? Have you thought of your pirate name? No? That's okay, we are back to help. Let's start with something you've taken from someone. Ever taken someones parking spot? Maybe the last bite of someone else's food? Perfect. You could be parking space patricia, or maybe last bite lucy. Are these helping at all? We hope so, We're sure you will think of something. Good luck with your pirating! 

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