Disney Zombies Deluxe Eliza Costume For Girls by Disguise
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Disney Zombies Deluxe Eliza Costume For Girls by Disguise

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Perfection SchmerfectionLife in Seabrook was supposed to be perfect. It's all about cheerleaders, football, and fitting in. And you'd better be able to stay on beat for all that fancy footwork. But on the other side of town, their secret side waited. They were ashamed of the zombie outbreak that occurred with the power plant outbreak that happened years back. But the brain-craving zombies couldn't help what they wanted to eat! And eventually, they even found a canned brain substitute. But the pretty pink town of Seabrook simply can't get over the zombies pale skin, green hair, and strange language. Eliza has had enough of the second-hand citizen label. She wants freedom, zombie pride, and a puppy wouldn't hurt either. Plus, we think those zombies will add an interesting twist to pink and pale Seabrook. Product DetailsWhile Eliza doesn't really care for her uniform, she definitely has a cute look! This Disney licensed maroon uniform costume has gold detailing along theNo shoulder and one of the sleeves. Your little one will love the patches, making her look right at home in Zombietown. The short sleeved jacket is loose enough to layer under for trick-or-treating on chilly nights. The pants are cropped and rolled, letting your child groove to the music of Z-O-M-B-I-E-S with ease. Now You're speaking her LanguageDoes your kiddo speak in Zombie? Is she always playing her favorite songs from the movie? Whether you've been singing along to Disney's zombie musical since it came out or this costume request is the first you've heard about Eliza, any child who loves this show is sure to love this costume as well! You can even help her recreate the cast. We have costumes for Addison, Zed, and Zoey so your very own town can become Z-O-M-B-I-E-fied. 

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