Dragon Warrior Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Dragon Warrior Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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SO YOU WANT TO BE A DRAGON WARRIOR So, you want to be a dragon warrior. It sounds like a lot of fun, but being a dragon warrior isn't easy. You need to fight, but also lead. You need to be vicious, but also kind. If you think that you're up to the task, we can do our best to help you out by spelling out just what you will have to do to achieve your goal.First, you'll need to do take the obvious step of finding some dragons. Piece of cake, right? The next bit is a little tougher.  We recommend you wage a war to take back something that was taken from you. What have you had taken that you could take back? Has someone ever taken your parking spot? Sure, that'll do. Wage a war against someone who took your parking spot. Now you're starting to look like a dragon warrior. FUN DETAILS This Dragon Warrior Women's Costume is perfect for any dragon-warrior-esque activities you might partake in! The faux suede is not exactly fireproof, but it is a barrier between you and your dragon's flames. The dress has a zipper down the front and a cape at your back. The cape is a majestic tone of red, attached by an O ring cord that slings over your shoulder.  This outfit, plus your dragons, will really have you feeling like a true dragon warrior.A SHORTCUT Obviously, dragons aren't easy to come by. Luckily for you, we do have an alternative solution to becoming a dragon warrior; just pretend! Pick up this costume, grab a dragon beanie baby, and you are ready to rock. Plus, that way you don't have to feed a dragon, which could be expensive considering they can eat a full sheep at a time. Now get out there and be the pretend dragon warrior that you were born to be! 

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