Duck Tales Scrooge Mcduck Costume For Kids by Disguise
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Duck Tales Scrooge Mcduck Costume For Kids by Disguise

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It’s a Duck-BlurLife is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg.It’s true. Just like the song says, the average day in Duckburg might see you racing a race car. Lasers are also a common danger there. Of course, then there are all of the aeroplanes that fly through the air (hopefully not being piloted by Launchpad). It’s a real duck-blur. You might solve a mystery, or even rewrite history. That’s how you make some DuckTales! Woo Hoo! Doesn’t make you want to go to Duckburg yourself, so you can take your child on a real adventure?Well, now it could be your child’s turn to make a few DuckTales of their own. While your child might not have the riches of Scrooge McDuck, or his own personal pilot like Launchpad (thank goodness), but with this DuckTales Scrooge McDuck costume, your little one will be ready for his first adventure.Fun DetailsThis officially licensed costume helps your child step into the role of Duckburg’s most adventurous zillionaire. The tunic has Scrooge’s reddish-orange coat printed on the front and foam backed bottom which gives your child a duck-like bottom! It also comes with a foam top hat, which looks like the one from the Disney cartoon series. The finishing touch to this costume is the molded mask! The mask is shaped like Scrooge McDuck’s face and fits with an elastic band. The whole costume comes together to make your child look like their favorite duck entrepreneur!Just Grab on to Some DuckTalesWho knows? When your young one dresses up like Scrooge McDuck, he might have the gumption to build his own giant money bin to store the many riches he’ll find along his adventure! And remember, it’s not pony tales and it’s not cotton tales, it’s DuckTales! Woo Hoo!

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